ACME Dulce Sugar

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ACME Dulce Sugar is made from raw whole cane grown in the tropical jungle of the Tayutic Valley in Costa Rica.

The cane juice is pulped from raw cane and dried to a dark syrup, poured into a vat, over gentle heat, and then stirred slowly with huge wooden paddles. After evaporation, the condensed grains are what the locals call ‘Dulce’, which means sweetness.

Because ACME Dulce Sugar is unrefined, the natural vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients are preserved. ACME Dulce is also fully USDA Certified organic, Certified Kosher, gluten and preservatives free.

“Imagine a food healthiness scale, ranging from 1 to 10, with ‘1’ being very healthy and ‘10’ being very bad for you. White sugar definitely rates an ugly ‘10’,” said Kennedy. “ACME Dulce Sugar deserves a ‘5’ rating. Dulce is still sugar, but it is much less harmful to the health of our customers.” 


Net Weight: 500g

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