Wholesale supply


If you are looking for coffee supply for your café, restaurant or office, ACME has you covered! With over 100 years of combined experience in the coffee business, the ACME team are well accustomed to the daily grind. When partnering with us you can be assured that all your coffee needs will be taken care of with the highest level of care and expertise.


Quality and authenticity are the values of our brand. We will work alongside you to help you achieve a consistently excellent product that will keep your customers coming back for more. Think of us more as your coffee partner than your coffee supplier. We have a vested interest in seeing you improve, grow and succeed.




Jeff (the godfather of NZ espresso) is undoubtably one of New Zealand’s most experienced coffee roasters, bringing 30+ years of tinkering and toiling to the table. Over that time, Jeff has developed his own unique style, leaning towards the bold and the beautiful and driven by a quality first approach. Much like our branding, the offering is very simple, an espresso blend and a ‘pour, plunge, brew’ filter blend, suited to a variety of brewing methods. Keep it simple, do it well.


Service and training


There are many factors to consider when trying to extract the perfect espresso. There’s the barista, the espresso machine, water quality, the grinder and grind setting, the roasted coffee and freshness and cleanliness of all the above, just to name a few! Our ACME trainers can run you through all you need to know about making the best possible coffee, with a big focus on consistency, efficiency, machine cleanliness and preventative maintenance, so you can make delicious coffee time and time again and avoid any pesky equipment breakdowns. Regular servicing of your equipment is a must if you are serious about producing a quality cup.




We have access to all the espresso, grinding and brewing gear that your heart desires. We have had experience with all sorts of equipment over the years and can assist you with your design, layout and equipment needs so that you’ve got the right set up for the job at hand.


Interested to meet us for a coffee? Get in touch via sales@acmeandco.co.nz and we’ll come to see you.