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At the beginning, New Zealand, part of the British Commonwealth, was a tea drinking nation.

In the 1940s, the first European immigrants arrived and American servicemen were stationed in New Zealand and brought their coffee culture. Coffee is produced from the infusion of roasted, ground coffee beans in hot water.

Fifty years later, cafés serving espresso opened throughout the country and New Zealand’s per capita consumption ranked among the top 20 in the world, at 0.94 cup per day.


Wellington’s café culture is today an integral part of its identity and you can find one coffee shop on almost each corner of the city. Many Kiwis enjoy each morning a caffeine hit in their favorite local café. Rumour has it that New Zealand has more roasters per capita than the global average and Wellington has more cafés per capita than New York City.

Wellington is undeniably the Capital of New Zealand Coffee.


Jeff and Bridget have had long careers in hospitality and coffee in New Zealand, most notably as former owners of Caffe L'Affare - the coffee roasting company and cafe that Jeff founded in 1990.

Jeff and Bridget have attracted a strong team to ACME & CO who are equally steeped in coffee and cafe culture.

Our Acme blend is sampled, tested and enjoyed by hundreds of people a day at our flagship café Prefab. Roasted on a daily basis by co-owner Jeff Kennedy who's been roasting coffee since 1990. 


Available in a whole bean form or ground.

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