YAMACOH Charcoal Barbecue

YAMACOH Charcoal Barbecue

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Our YAMACOH Charcoal Barbecue is a special kind of Japanese grill, shaped long and narrow - ideal for grilling Yakitori skewers and Korean BBQ foods.

 The Japanese word Yakitori literally means “grilled chicken,” but the simple name doesn’t begin to describe the variety, complexity, and deep cultural significance of Japan’s favourite grilled meat. The small but elegant Yakitori skewers (of chicken, usually, but other meats and vegetables, too) are the epitome of Japanese barbecue.

 Since the food is cooked just a few inches away from the charcoal, its juice drips down to the grill, and then evaporates into a smoky puff of deliciousness. This vapor infuses with the food being grilled above.

 The grill’s high temperature delivers a crispy, golden exterior to chicken and meat, with the inside retaining all the succulent juices. The high heat also reaches deep inside of food to ensure safe cooking.


Made in Japan 


Please note, this includes the BBQ only, not the food, beverage or wooden board shown in the image

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