ARROYABE - White Tuna in Olive Oil

ARROYABE - White Tuna in Olive Oil

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Spanish Bonito Del Norte - White Tuna in Olive Oil



White tuna fishing in the Basque Country

White Albacore Tuna is caught in the Bay of Biscay in the traditional manner using selective, ecological and traditional fishing; with just a pole, line and hook. This method is sustainable because it does not involve incidental catch of other species or deteriorate the seabed. It also allows for the tuna caught to be selected according to the minimum length rules.  ​



The Fisheries Standard measures if a fishery is well-managed and sustainable.  Only seafood which has been caught by fisheries which care for the environment can be labeled with the blue MSC label.

North Atlantic albacore artisanal fishery and the Cantabrian Anchovy are now MSC certified. Arroyabe preserves are mainly elaborated with White Tuna and Anchovies caught in the Cantabrian Sea by basque fishermen’s guilds, which are MSC certified.



White Tuna in Olive Oil 260g


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