The story of bread originated in ancient times and consist in mixing flour with water, salt, fat, source of aeration and baking.

Egyptians knew how to make fermentation bread but this process took a long time.

In the early 20th century, this time of fermentation was reduce by the use of small amounts of certain chemicals in bread or flour and produce a superior loaf.

At the same time, in New Zealand, bread was the subject of many food regulations. Seventy bakehouses were established in the Canterbury Settlement, which were mostly family businesses and baked through the night.

The famous ACME bread we made contains organic French flour from Les Moulins Familiaux.

Our main process for making bread is called the Bulk Fermentation method. It is a natural fermentation. Dough is mixed by plunging arms into the mixture and kneading until all ingredients are mixed. The mixed dough rest by oven or any warm place for 2 hours until it is ready to be divided into loaf pieces.

Try our baguette and other breads for lunch at PREFAB and pick up  some of them for the dinner at home.