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Did you know that before the invention of electricity, there was a "spice clock"? This clock opened a different compartment of spice each hour, so that people waking in the night could taste the time before going back to sleep.

More than adding taste to your food, herbs and spices are colourful, fragrant and can be aromatic, hot, sweet, bitter or sour...

They add a flavour punch to food without adding excess calories, salt, fat or sugar. They also add minerals to your diet, including calcium, iron, magnesium.

You don't need to be a Chef to use herbs and spices. There is no right or wrong way, just let yourself be guided by your own sense of taste and smell.  

ACME Herbs & Spices in a tin

Many kitchens have a messy assortment of herb and spice boxes, jars and containers. Remove the clutter! The Acme Herbs & Spices are presented in a minimalist, simple tin made from recyclable aluminium, which will look smart-and-tidy on any shelf, or drawer. The seal top label makes it very easy to see what is in the tin from above, when stored in a kitchen drawer. Once a tin is empty, it's easy to replenish the tin with other herbs or spices, or even store your nuts and bolts.

Range of ACME Herbs & Spices

Acme & Co Black Peppercorns Black Peppercorns: Black peppercorns are warm in your mouth and even sometimes reveal a fresh note. We love it with meat, fish, salty-sweet dishes and desserts.

Fun-fact: Peppercorns were used as shotgun pellets.

Acme & Co Chilli Flakes Chilli Flakes: Chilli flakes add a touch of heat to all your dishes, including vegetables, meat and sauces.

Fun-Fact: Chilli flakes come from South and Central America. Their taste ranges from mild and tingling, to explosive hot. The capsaicin compounds in chilli flakes stimulate the digestive and circulatory process. Only mammals are sensitive to it. While capsaicin may burn and irritate the flesh of mammals, birds are completely immune to its effects. 

Acme & Co Chilli Powder Chilli Powder: Chilli powder can be used to season all your dishes, according to your preference for heat.

Fun-fact: The seeds in the chilli pepper are not the hottest part. The hottest part of the chilli pepper, is where there is highest concentration of capsaicin. This hot spot is where the seed is attached to the white membrane inside the pepper.

Acme & Co Ground Cinnamon Ground Cinnamon: Cinnamon is famous for both its sweet and savoury flavours. Ground cinnamon is perfect for cakes, fruit desserts, tajine and mulled wine.

Fun-fact: Did you know that cinnamon may actually be one of the oldest spices in the world? It is mentioned in the Bible in Exodus 30:23, Proverbs 7:17. 

Acme & Co Ground Coriander Ground Coriander: Coriander is the most commonly used spice in the world. It is used in marinades, Indian and Mexican dishes, and also for Italian sausages. 

Fun-fact: Some people greatly dislike the herb, saying that it smells like soap and tastes like crushed bugs. This adverse reaction has been linked to a particular set of genes in certain people.

Acme & Co Ground Cumin Ground Cumin: Ground cumin has an earthy, nutty, spicy taste, with somewhat bitter undertones, and a warm, penetrating aroma, with hints of lemon. It is one of the most popular spices in the world. It is used in a range of dishes: quiches and pies, soups, stews and curries. Do it like the Dutch: add cumin to cheese for a nutty flavour punch.

Fun-fact: Cumin was once used as currency to pay taxes.

Acme & Co Curry Powder Curry Powder: Curry powder has a rich savoury earthy flavour, perfect for many dishes such as vegetables, meat, poultry and fish. Mix curry powder with coconut milk as a base for your Indian and Asian curry dish. 

Fun-fact: In honour of Queen Elizabeth's 1953 coronation, a special curry dish -Coronation chicken- was invented. It's still very popular in Great Britain.

Acme & Co Ground Ginger Ground Ginger: Ginger has a warm, spicy bite, is a little sweet. It is delicious when cooked with baked goods, spice rubs, meat, poultry, fish and desserts.

Fun-fact: Ginger is one of the oldest known spices in the world. It is mentioned in the Bible, Koran and Talmud.

Acme & Co Mixed Spice Mixed Spice: Mixed spice is a fabulous blend for baking but also for roasted duck and salty-sweet dishes. It contains cassia, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and star anise.

Fun-fact: Mixed spice is often called pudding spice or apple pie spice. 

Acme & Co Oregano Oregano: From the Mediterranean region, this herb used to grow wild. Oregano is very aromatic and offers a strong flavour to your dishes. It is often used in Italian cuisine as a natural partner to tomato.

Fun-fact: Ancient Greeks asserted that oregano is an antidote to poisons and Shakespeare's peers believed it could stop a drug overdose in its tracks.

Acme & Co Smoked Paprika Smoked Paprika: Paprika is made by using a traditional method of grinding dried red peppers. Native to the Mediterranean region, smoked paprika will offer to all your dishes, an extra red colour, and a soft smoky taste. Most people appreciate paprika with meat and white fish dishes.

Fun-fact: Paprika was first discovered in the Americas, but Spain was the first country in Europe to use paprika for cooking, after Christopher Columbus brought it back from the New World.

Acme & Co Sage Sage: Sage is native to the Mediterranean region. This herb is best known for its healthy benefits. Sage is suited for use with chicken, pork and turkey recipes, mostly when cooked with onions and butter.

Fun-fact: Sage is great for preventing foot odour. Just crumble a leaf or two into your shoes before you put them on. 

Acme & Co Sea Salt Sea Salt: Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water. It not only adds saltiness, which human beings innately adore, but also suppresses bitterness, and enhances sweet and savoury. You can appreciate it with all kinds of dishes. We enjoy adding a bit of salt to melted chocolate.

Fun-fact: Potato chips were invented in 1853 when a cook got fed up with a customer sending his fried potatoes back to the kitchen for being too soggy. To spite the customer, he sliced the potato as thin as he could, deep fried them to hell, and dumped piles of salt on them. The customer instantly loved them.

Acme & Co Sesame Seeds Sesame Seeds: Really appreciate for their rich, nutty flavours, white sesame seeds are easy to cook. They are often used with salads, pastries and dressing. Sesame doesn't contain gluten.

Fun-fact: The magic formula "Open Sesame!" is from the book "One Thousand and One Nights", and specifically from the tale of "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves". The story refers to the actual sesame fruit, because when the fruit is mature, many aromatic seeds come out of it.

Acme & Co Thyme Thyme: Thyme will give to your dish a touch of the Mediterranean. We enjoy it with roast poultry, Provencal cooking and meat stews.

Fun-fact: In the Victoria times, thyme became associated with finding fairies. Children would hide near patches of thyme in the wood, hoping to catch a glimpse of a magical creature.

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