Hot Smoked Salmon recipe December 17 2014

The Hot Smoked Salmon has been on the menu from day one at Prefab. At the moment it's being served as a side dish available with a large number of items - the scrambled eggs, the Acme salad and as the main treat between thick slices of Acme sourdough bread.

Smoking the salmon is a daily ritual at Prefab - about 3 kilos are smoked each morning. Our Head Chef Steve Mahoney credits the flavour and popularity of the salmon to one of the key ingredients the unrefined Dulce Sugar we source from Costa Rica.

The Dulce "has a spice to it that makes it taste so much better than ordinary brown sugar" Steve says.

Like so many good dishes the recipe is so very simple.  


Prefab Hot Smoked Salmon


One salmon fillet – approximately 1kg

70g Acme Dulce sugar

5g mustard powder

5g sea salt



Dust salmon fillet w sugar, then mustard powder, then sea salt.

Smoke on a medium heat for approximately 8-12 minutes.


At Prefab we use a smoker and manuka chips

You can purchase the sugar at Moores Fresh, Farro Fresh and online here>