Robot Range of Chairs and Barstools October 29 2014

Chairs for cafes require a sitting position that does not contain and force the body to remain in one position. 

Unlike a fast sports car seat or a baby restrainer the seat must allow the occupant to spin around uninhibited so that he or she may flirt, check out, break into other tables' discussions, ask a pretty girl out, make eye contact with others more interesting than those at your own table. 

Therefore the robot chair and barstool encourage the human bottom to continually shift its orientation 360 degrees uninhibited. And to indulge fully at whim.

The hoop bar seat back forces the backbone to present itself in an upright position which encourages the human body form into a shape more appealing to the opposite sex, not unlike high heeled shoes which thrust a woman’s torso into a more welcoming pose.

Unlike the european cafe chairs, the robot chairs are not made in China, instead they are manufactured in a little country called New Zealand.